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Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Form 5506-NAR September 2014-E Texas Nurse Aide Registry Employment Verification Section 1. To be completed by Nurse Aide Please read the following
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using Form T-5 or Form 1160A. ? Submit your completed application, any required forms and your picture identification to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services , Room 707, Office of the Director. You will need to mail the signed completed application with any other documents (Section 3) to the address below. ? Submit all supporting documentation within twenty (20) days of notification of your application status. ? If you are a nurse aide or an associate nurse aide who was previously registered under an earlier version of this form, you must return your current employee identification card and all forms with corrections to your previous Employer Identification Card/Employee Registration Form. The verification form section 1 should be completed as directed. Do not sign this form again. ? The verification form section 2 should be completed in the same manner as Section 1. The photo identification and signature sections of Section 2 must be completed. No photo identification is required. If applicable, any other required forms must be completed. ? If you have any documents that you would like to see verified, please print them as a photocopy and attach them to the original application. You must include them with the application. ? Do not affix the application or any completed parts or sections of the form directly to the front or reverse of your identification card without first completing all parts and sub-sections that apply to your application. ? Your name, date of birth, and photograph and any other identifying information will be printed on your form. ? If your employment eligibility will be terminated for any reason, you must submit a copy of your termination notice. If a notice was sent by a governmental entity such as a hospital, doctor, etc. and was sent to you by mail, the mailing address must be clearly stated on your form. ? If you are not currently employed or are unemployed and would like to update your information, your application will be reviewed and forwarded to a field manager, who will determine the next steps, and you will receive notification of when to expect your verification. Should all of the items in Section 2 be submitted and not completed or the application has been returned by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services , you will be notified by the field manager. Section 3 of the verification form includes your name and address. If both Section 2 and Section 3 apply, both sections will be completed. If one section of the form requires a document submitted as evidence to support your identity, you will be notified by the field manager of when to expect your verification. If only the signature section (Section 3)
To be completed by Nurse Aide For more information on the Texas Nurse Aide Program, please read the Texas nursing aide website, located at:. If you are a nurse or caregiver interested in a career with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, please complete this application on the Texas website. The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services is a partner of Nursemaid, working together to identify qualified applicant(s) through a competitive job posting on our website. Achieve a passing score (50%) on the National Council for Vocational Rehabilitation's (NCR) Certified Professional Aide, Nurse Aide (CPA) exam. Please call to be considered for a role at one of the following nursing centers: South park Family Nursing Home, 5010 S. St. Thomas Drive, Brownsville, Texas 78258 East Austin Family Nursing Home, 2920 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78752 North Austin Family Nursing Home, 1405 N. St. Emanuel, Austin, Texas 78705 Northwest Austin Family Nursing Home, 6055 San Jacinto Ave., Austin, Texas 78704 Pasadena Family Nursing Home, 10500 E. Lake line Dr., Pasadena, Texas 77390 Pasadena Family Nursing Home, 15400 La Cruz Ave. #150, San Antonio, Texas 78249 Pasadena Family Nursing Home, 15300 La Vega Rd.
I'm going to perform placing the ante and elite elastic or Ted hose on our client when you are testing for this you will need the elastic stocking, and you will also note please that you will be doing this on a mannequin not on a real person for infection control reasons please note with the stock there is an outside which is fairly smooth and it inside that has ridges we want to start by placing our hand in the sock and finding the heel pad here is your heel pad we will then turn it inside out at least to the heel we will open it up, and we'll proceed to put it over the clients foot I will begin and then good morning Mrs. Smith my name is Kim and the doctor has asked me to put one of these elastic stockings on your leg if that is okay ma'am great thank you let me go ahead and give you some privacy I need to have you laying flat in the bed please ma'am, and I'm going to put the height of the bed up to make it a little easier for me, I think it should be workable okay I'm just going to uncover this one leg ma'am go ahead and get our sock ready place it over your heel okay let's make sure that your heel is in the heel bed, and it is we don't want any wrinkles sure those around now the opening of the toes can be underneath, or it can be on the top that's optional okay man let's cover you up you already have your call life and let me reiterate that put your bed in the lowest position why didn't I ask is there anything else I can do for you going to no wash my hands and that concludes placing the elastic stocking on the ankle and foot.
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